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Our French Connection

Many of you will have noticed the success that we have been have recently with young horses that have come over from France so i thought that it might be interesting to give you a little background as to how this journey started. During a holiday in France with friends and prolific owners ‘The Hanbury’s’...Read more

Straight From the Stable

We have had some great coverage in the National Racing papers this week, with a double page ‘Straight from the Stable’ feature in the Weekender whilst the Racing Outlook have done a two-page Trainer File on the yard. Anyone who picked up a copy of the Weekender this morning will have seen that Oliver’s ‘Trainers...Read more

The horses enjoying the sunshine in the loose school

With the weather putting the schooling area and jumping lane out of action over the last few days, we took the opportunity this morning to give a lot of the horses a pop in the loose school. They all seemed to enjoy being out in the sunshine.   

Welcome to Racehorse Ownership

We are often asked about the costs of being involved in racehorse ownership. These obviously vary depending on whether you own the horse outright yourself or just a share in it.

February Newsletter 2021

Introducing our February 2021 newsletter. Since Christmas, we haven’t had many runners due to the adverse weather conditions, which is often the case in January. With relentless rain and freezing temperatures across the country, many meetings have either been cancelled or run with only a handful of runners in testing ground. Pre-empting this, we eased...Read more