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Garthorpe + Tabley

Garthorpe + Tabley

Saturday 25th May - The Quorn Hunt @ Garthorpe (LE14 2RS)

Ground will be watered to maintain safe going with showers forecast


3.55 Club Members Conditions Race


  • Our Crusade                                    c/p, t/s                       E.Glassonbury


4.30 Open Maiden


  • Beware the Bear                                                                 E.Glassonbury


Sunday 26th May The Cheshire Hunt @ Tabley (WA16 0HB)


1.30pm Confined (new start time)


  • Sparkle Star                                                             R.Tongue


2.50pm Intermediate


  • Spitfire Ace                          t/s                               E.Glassonbury


3.25 Mixed Open


  • King Fontaine                                                          E.Glassonbury


4pm Restricted


  • Alfapoint                               hood,t/s                    E.Glassonbury


5.10pm Open Maiden


Late Romantic                     t/s                               E.Glassonbury