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Dual Licensed Trainer

Having gained a number of years experience in point to point training I have decided to take out a license to train jump and flat horses. We have the perfect facilities to train both disciplines and currently have twenty jump horses and half a dozen flat horses. We plan to increase the numbers in both fields over the coming years.


Oliver has 10 years experience of breaking both flat and jumps horses, from yearlings through to older horses. This includes responsibility for this area of work when based at Mick Easterby’s yard.

Work includes long reigning, lunging, backing and riding away, as well as riding them in the outdoor school before progressing onto the gallops.


Pre-Training Preparation

Oliver is able to offer a comprehensive pre-training service, utilising the broad range of facilities available, as well as the team’s vast experience.

We are already working for several locally based full time trainers who recognise the role that our location plays in ensuring a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

For owners, pre-training preparation with ourselves is a cheaper alternative to going directly to the trainer.

To ensure that every horse is ready for full training we employ a range of approaches including use of the walkers, fitness work on the fantastic one-mile gallop and ‘chill-time’ in the paddocks!

We are very conscious of guarding against viruses and bugs and employ a range of measures and practices to protect against these.



We are fortunate to have over one hundred acres of fabulous grass paddocks, arranged to accommodate fillies, colts and geldings.


Advice on Horse Purchase

Oliver regularly attends sales in the UK and Ireland, buying horses for a range of purposes (and a range of clients budgets).

He also has many private contacts ensuring that he is able to identify opportunities at an early stage, often spotting a horse’s potential from a very early age.

Oliver also buys a lot of unbroken stores himself prior to breaking them and doing initial training work before offering them for sale.